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Why Private Christian School?

As you consider enrolling your child into this program, we want you to know some of the amazing benefits
that will be offered to your child through the Christian education at GTCA:
  • Smaller Classrooms -  your child will have less distractions in a private school setting and increased ability to focus.
  • Individual Attention and Differential Instruction -  smaller classes will afford teachers quality time with your child.
  • Positive Peer Pressure - the standards upheld by GTCA will promote Christian friendship encouraging your child to thrive.
  • Shared Moral Values - you can trust that your child is developing a Christian worldview consistent with your beliefs.
  • Peaceful Climate - peace is promoted at all levels among staff, parents and students and is a dominant factor in healthy development.
  • Safe Environment - acceptance of Christ and others in this private Christian atmosphere gives students a safe space to grow.

Core Subjects and Activities

BIBLE    ~    HISTORY    ~    SCIENCE    ~    ART    ~    ARITHMETIC    ~    READING    ~  LANGUAGE

Weekly School Schedule

Monday - Friday
8:15-8:30 AM - Drop Off
3:30-3:45 PM -- Pick Up
(8:30 AM - 3:30 PM -- School in Session)

Daily Lunch, Snack and Uniforms

Parents will be responsible for daily lunch and snack.  
Lunch is at 12 noon and snack after 3 PM.  
  Microwaves will be available for heating lunches if needed.

Uniform Tops:  Purchase from GTCA
$20.00 - Polos – worn on Wednesdays only (Chapel)
$17.00 - GTCA T-shirts – worn on all other weekdays
*Please call (806) 620-0595 to place your uniform order today.

Uniform Bottoms: Purchase from Department Stores or Online
Khaki Shorts,  Skorts,  Pants,  Skirts,  or Jumpers

Download Academic Calendar and Supply List


Our Mission 
is to train up children to be courageous in Christ and live with godly character, increasing in  knowledge and excelling in their abilities to shine as lights in their generation.

Our Method
of education is traditional and will be focused upon both character development and academic learning.

Our Motivation
is the call of God to share the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by any means possible with all ages.

Meet Our Staff

By the leading of the Holy Spirit we launched Glad Tidings Christian Academy for the 2022-23 academic calendar year.  Pioneering is not something new to this body of believers and we are excited to take on this vision.  We walk by faith and have great expectation that we will make a tremendous impact as we participate with the Holy Spirit in re-building the walls of moral strength and character in this generation.   We are looking forward to training children to love Jesus and passionately pursue the call of God for their lives!

All of our teachers and administrators are born-again Christians, full of the compassion of Jesus Christ for this generation.  Each staff member has proven experience with children in the public and private sectors.  They are full of faith and ready to participate in the growth and development of your child!

Pastor Jessica Baker

GTCA Principal
7th Grade Teacher

Joey Sifuentes

P.E. Coach

Jacy Sifuentes

GTCA Receptionist

Miriam Canales

PreK Teacher

Nina Woods

PreK Teacher

Brittnay Flores

Kindergarten Teacher

Mia Sifuentes

1st Grade Teacher

Angelica Galindo

2nd Grade Teacher

Carrie Self

3rd Grade Teacher

Jessica Adams

4th Grade Teacher

Danielle Guittierrez

5th Grade Teacher

Georgetta Burton

6th Grade Teacher